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"What Do You Mean, I'm Stressed?"
Recognizing and Managing Your Stress

Stress related absenteeism is a concern for all employers. This book will give your employees a good introduction on what stress is, how to recognize it and how to manage it. Author Martin Lesperance, a fire fighter/paramedic has seen the terrible results of unmanaged stress in hundreds of people. 

Martin writes in an easy to read and humorous manner. The quotes throughout the book will keep you entertained and anxious to read the next page. 

This 64 page softcover book deals with the stress found in everyday life. Topics covered include:

  • What is stress?
  • Short term and long term stress
  • Good stress
  • Bad stress
  • The cost of stress
  • What stress does to your body
  • Managing stress
  • Reducing worry
  • Accepting change
  • Being assertive
  • Asking for help and much more

 This book is a must for any organization and can help reduce stress-related problems. 

Here's what people are saying about "What Do You Mean I'm Stressed?" 

"Once again, Martin uses everyday language to communicate an important message that all of us can take to heart"
-David L. Hall, Ph.D.

 "What Do You Mean, I'm Stressed?" is an easy-to-read and understand book on how to identify and manage one's stresses and enjoy a higher quality lifestyle. It is a book that should be kept in a handy place, referenced often and shared with others."
- Dr. June Donaldson, author of "Emotional Smarts! Redefining Personal and Professional Competence"

 Bravo! At last, a great book on a subject that affects everyone in this fast paced world."
- Gordon Hay, air traffic controller


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ISBN 0-9730587-0-6